Antibacterial Compression Socks-green/white

Professional antibacterial compression socks
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Made in Taiwan

Material: 65% Cotton 20%LYCRA Sport fiber 5%Rubber
  • Instep: 3Dadjustable circle band + Xpressure band, the industry-first"adjustable pressure design"can be changed easily according to your own comfort. 
  • Toe seams: Hand sewn with Italian sewing machine, delicate seamwork can avoid chafing. 
  • Heel: Big Y-band provides full coverage even during intense exercise. 
  • Foot sole: Fleece finish and sweat grooves help drain the sweat and dry quickly. 
  • Bamboo charcoal material: Bamboo charcoal fiber helps wick the sweat away from your skin quickly and deodorize the stench, keeping you dry and comfortable. High-density weaving offers great coverage to protect your heels.
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Foot length(cm) 23~26 26~30
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